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The world's most advanced fully autonomous Cloud Database Infrastructure on ClickHouse® for Real-Time Data Analytics and OLAP.

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Fully Autonomous ChistaDATA ClickHouse DBaaS – ZERO PILOT ERROR

ChistaDATA Generation 2 Autonomous Cloud DBaaS Platform for ClickHouse is built for Performance, Scalability and Reliability. Our platform provides driverless (fully autonomous) database infrastructure on ClickHouse® for analytics.

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Autonomous Database infrastructure

Fully autonomous Cloud Database Infrastructure for ClickHouse®. You just have to bring your Data, and ChistaDATA Cloud Infrastructure Tools will accelerate your OLAP/Data Analytics projects.

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Cloud Archiving Toolkit

Archiving Data from MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL to ChistaDATA Cloud Infrastructure for ClickHouse® to deliver high-performance transaction processing operations cost efficiently

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Real-time Data Analytics

Open Source SQL-based ColumnStore for building real-time Data Analytics and OLAP applications.

Automatic Maintenance Operations

Automatic Maintenance Operations for ClickHouse® Infrastructure on ChistaDATA DBaaS (Database as a Service)

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Fully Autonomous Installation & Configuration

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Fully Autonomous Performance Tuning

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Fully Autonomous Backup

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Fully Autonomous Patching

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Fully Autonomous Recovery

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Fully Autonomous Failover

Why you must try ChistaDATA DBaaS?

Fully Autonomous ClickHouse® Infrastructure

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Data Security
ChistaDATA ClickHouse DBaaS for WebScale

Autonomous and Driverless Database Infrastructure for Columnar Analytics:

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Automatic Provisioning of Optimal and Reliable ClickHouse Operations

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Automatic Configuration of ClickHouse for Performance and Scalability

More Reasons to Migrate to ChistaDATA Cloud – Instant Gratification for Your Data Analytics Projects

You don't have to be a highly technical SQL expert or a Data Scientist to develop advanced real-time Data Analytics/OLAP applications

Advanced Data Security

SQL Whitelisting / Blacklisting capabilities for performance and Advanced Data Security

Developer Tools

Developer Tools for Data Analytics on the web and mobile

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