Building Autonomous ClickHouse Infrastructure with ChistaDATA Cloud

Shiv Iyer
Posted on December 14, 2022

ChistaDATA Cloud – Fully Autonomous ClickHouse Infrastructure 

I have been a Database Systems Production Engineer/Site Reliability Engineer for almost two decades, with core interests in Performance, Scalability, High Availability and Data Security across MySQL and PostgreSQL infrastructure operations. I have been working on ClickHouse for the last three years, building real-time analytics for some of the most prominent internet properties at Scale. ClickHouse is a true ColumnStore built for real-time analytics with vectorized query computing capabilities, best suited for time-series and log data equally. Initially, I thought of adding ClickHouse offerings under MinervaDB Inc. ( But, Technically, MinervaDB is engaged in delivering 24*7 Consultative Support and Managed Services for Open Source OLTP Database Systems like MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. Clickhouse solves real-time analytics for very large volumes of Data. All these eventually led to starting of ChistaDATA Inc. (, funded by Sequoia Capital ( with a core commitment to building ClicHouse Infrastructure Operations Services for both on-premises and Cloud.

How is ChistaDATA Cloud different?

  • Autonomous and Driverless Database Infrastructure for Columnar Analytics:
    • Automatic Provisioning of Optimal and Reliable ClickHouse Operations
    • Automatic Configuration of ClickHouse for Performance and Scalability
  • Fully Autonomous System Failure Detection and Repair
  • Secured ClickHouse Database Infrastructure:
    • Fully Autonomous ClickHouse Bug Fixing and Patching
    • Customized ClickHouse Infrastructure for Data Privacy and Query (both successful and unsuccessful) Audit
  • Fully Autonomous ClickHouse DR – Maximum Reliability Architecture for Zero Data Loss
  • Fully Autonomous ClickHouse Replication Services
  • Fully Autonomous ClickHouse Partitioning (both vertical and horizontal)
  • AI-Based ClickHouse Observability and Monitoring Platform
  • Advanced SQL IDE for Data Analytics Developer Success
  • Fully Autonomous Data Archiving Toolkit for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL

ChistaDATA Cloud – Why building Data Analytics on ChistaDATA Cloud is equally recommended for both startups and large corporations?

  • Flexible subscription plans:
    • Flexible Serverless ClickHouse Infrastructure available for Development, Build/Release Engineering and Production
    • ChistaDATA Cloud provides ClickHouse infrastructure for both compute and storage ecosystems
    • Elastic: You can always upgrade/downgrade your subscription plan without any operational challenges
  • Just bring your Data to ChistaDATA Cloud – Driverless and fully autonomous Database Infrastructure for ClickHouse:
    • Advanced ClickHouse SQL development IDE provided for developer success and Time-To-Market
    • Are you already on any other DBaaS like Amazon Aurora (PostgreSQL and MySQL), Amazon RedShift and Google CloudSQL?
      • Larger OLTP Database Systems are extremely expensive operationally, with frequent performance outages
      • ChistaDATA Cloud Archiving Toolkit for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and other DBaaS will help you in building lean OLTP databases for both on-premises and serverless infrastructure
      • ChistaDATA Proxy helps in transparent load-balancing between OLTP Database Infrastructure and ClickHouse
  • AI-Based Troubleshooting for ClickHouse Infrastructure Maintenance Operations
  • ChistaDATA Audit Logs for detailed forensics of ClickHouse Server Operations
  • Point-in-Time-Recovery for ClickHouse Server
  • ChistaDATA ClickHouse Proxy as a Service:
    • READ-WRITE Query Distribution / Horizontal Scalability
    • Query Caching
    • ClickHouse Firewall Implementation with ChistaDATA Proxy

To know more in detail about ChistaDATA Cloud, Please download ChistaDATA Cloud Technical Factsheet here