ClickHouse comparison with Vertica – Why ClickHouse is recommended for real-time Analytics?

Shiv Iyer
Posted on January 23, 2023

ClickHouse comparison with Vertica – Why ClickHouse is recommended for real-time Analytics?

ClickHouse and Vertica are both columnar databases that are optimized for analytical queries and real-time analytics. However, there are some key differences between the two that make ClickHouse better suited for real-time analytics:

  1. Performance: ClickHouse is designed to handle high-performance analytical queries with low latency, while Vertica’s performance is better suited for batch processing and data warehousing.
  2. Scalability: ClickHouse is designed to scale horizontally, while Vertica’s scalability is limited.
  3. Cost: ClickHouse is an open-source database, while Vertica requires commercial licenses.
  4. Data Model: ClickHouse has a more flexible data model and supports semi-structured data, while Vertica is more restrictive.
  5. SQL Support: ClickHouse supports a wide range of SQL functions, while Vertica has a limited set of SQL functions.
  6. Real-time streaming: ClickHouse is well-suited for real-time streaming data, while Vertica is not.
  7. Cloud-based Deployment: ClickHouse supports cloud-based deployment and is easily scalable, while Vertica’s support for cloud-based deployment is limited.
  8. Machine Learning and AI: ClickHouse has support for machine learning and AI, while Vertica’s support is limited.
  9. Data Governance and Security: ClickHouse has support for data governance and security, while Vertica’s support is limited.
  10. Data Integration and ETL: ClickHouse has support for data integration and ETL, while Vertica’s support is limited.

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In summary, ClickHouse is better suited for real-time analytics because it is optimized for high-performance analytical queries, low latency, real-time streaming data and supports machine learning and AI. It is also open-source, and thus, cost-effective and easily scalable.