Sneak Peek at ChistaDATA Cloud

After months of hard work designing, developing, and testing our offering as ChistaDATA Cloud has reached an early preview stage. In this post, we’d like to give you a quick sense of what’s coming next. Our plans are significant, and nothing compares to our decades of database knowledge that will solve real-life problems that helps […]

Reflections from PerconaLive 2022 Austin, TX

As a long-term Perconalive veteran, the most recent Perconalive was more than an Open Source Database conference. It meant to be reunited with thought leaders of open source databases; it meant to be there, learn and listen from others, share ideas, and see the real people finally.  I have been in many Perconalives before, both […]

ColumnStores for Analytics – ClickHouse

In this blog post, I’m going to take on the subject of why we need ColumnStores for Analytics, the options we have, and how ClickHouse is compelling. Background and History Historically popular datastores have been row-based even in the earlier days of relational databases. This had an advantage over scanning rows required for the data […]

ChistaDATA Managed Services 2022

Intro  In this blog post, I’d like to introduce ChistaDATA’s vision and strategy of putting our customers first around Managed Services. First of all, I’d like to thank Shiv Iyer Founder and Principal of ChistaDATA giving me the opportunity to help build a world-class Managed Services organization.  Strategy  Our strategy remains simple and lean. We […]