Real-Time Analytics Strategy for Telcos

The telecommunications industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and transformation, driven by technological advancements, increasing customer demands, and evolving market dynamics. To stay relevant and competitive in this rapidly changing landscape, Telcos need to harness the power of real-time analytics. Real-time analytics provides Telcos with timely and actionable insights that empower them to make informed decisions, […]

How ChistaDATA helps companies globally in developing high-performance real-time analytics?

Once upon a time, in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses faced the challenge of delivering real-time analytics to gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the competition. One company, ChistaDATA, emerged as a global leader in developing high-performance real-time analytics solutions, revolutionizing the way organizations harnessed the power of their data. In the vast […]

How do I display and read the execution plans for a SQL statement in ClickHouse?

To display and read the execution plans for a SQL statement in ClickHouse, you can follow these steps using real-life data sets: For this example, we’ll use a simple SELECT statement to retrieve data from the orders table: SELECT customer_id, COUNT(*) AS order_countFROM ordersGROUP BY customer_idORDER BY order_count DESC; This query will calculate the number […]

Implementing Groupings, Rollups and Cubes in ClickHouse

Grouping, rollup, and cube are SQL query operations that allow for grouping and aggregation of data based on multiple dimensions or attributes. In ClickHouse, these operations are implemented using the GROUP BY clause, which allows you to group data based on one or more columns. Here are some real-life data examples to illustrate how to […]

Setup ClickHouse Cluster Replication with Zookeeper

ClickHouse is a powerful and versatile open-source columnar database management system known for its fast performance and high scalability. If you’re looking to build your own ClickHouse cluster, there are several options available, such as using AWS EKS Service, Altinity’s Kubernetes Operator, or Dockerization. However, in this comprehensive blog post, we will walk you through […]

clickhouse-copier – A reliable workhorse for copying data across ClickHouse servers

ClickHouse comes with useful tools for performing various tasks. clickhouse-copier is one among them and as the name suggests, it is used for copying data from one ClickHouse server to another. The servers can be from the same cluster or different cluster altogether. This tool requires Apache Zookeeper or clickhouse-keeper to synchronise the copying process […]

How Data Skipping Indexes are implemented in ClickHouse?

Data skipping indexes in ClickHouse help improve query performance by allowing the system to skip over irrelevant data parts while reading from disk. They are a type of secondary index that store summary information (such as min/max values) about primary key ranges. When a query is executed, ClickHouse uses this summary information to determine which […]

How to implement partial indexes in ClickHouse?

Partial indexes are a powerful feature in ClickHouse that allow DBAs to index only a subset of the rows in a table based on a specified condition. This can significantly reduce the index size and improve the query performance for specific queries. To implement partial indexes in ClickHouse, the following steps can be followed: CREATE […]

Understanding Inverted Indexes Implementation in ClickHouse

Inverted indexes are a common technique used in search engines and database systems to quickly search for and retrieve data. In ClickHouse, inverted indexes are implemented using a combination of algorithms and data structures. At a high level, an inverted index is a mapping from values in a column to the rows that contain those […]