How Expensive are ClickHouse Operations currently?

Monitoring Expensive ClickHouse Operations (Troubleshooting ClickHouse – DBA Scripts) Introduction  What is the Data Load distribution happening to ClickHouse Server? I ask this question often to ClickHouse infrastructure owners. This matrix is used for trending the load and throughput. This will help me identify the load on ClickHouse Server from peak to off-peak hours. As […]

Compression Algorithms and Codecs in ClickHouse

Photo by HD Wallpapers on StockSnap Introduction The amount of data stored in databases is increasing day by day. This increases the cost required for data storage and network access. Compression techniques are a commonly used method to save storage space and speed up data access. This article aims to explain compression algorithms and codecs for ClickHouse. […]

MergeTree Engine – Storage Infrastructure and Indexing

Understanding Storage Infrastructure and Indexing in MergeTree The heart of ClickHouse storage infrastructure is the MergeTree storage engine. They are 100% columnar data stores built for performance and resilience supporting customized partitioning, sparse primary key index, secondary data skipping indexes, and optimized for inserting very large volumes of data into a table. We often get […]

How to Restore/Recover ClickHouse after ZooKeeper Metadata is corrupted/lost?

How to Restore/Recover ClickHouse after ZooKeeper Metadata is corrupted/lost? When you are building a highly available ClickHouse Infrastrstucture for scale and performance we use ZooKeeper for ClickHouse Replication Management and Operations with ReplicatedMergeTree table engine. You can expect ZooKeeper to face data loss (or a very complex corruption scenario) due to either human error or […]

Everything ClickHouse with ChistaDATA Inc.

Everything ClickHouse with ChistaDATA Inc. I have been a full-time Open Source Database Systems Performance Engineer for the last two decades with deep interests in Database Systems Internals, Database Systems (Transaction Processing and ColumnStores) Operations Performance Troubleshooting/Optimization and Unix/Linux Performance Tuning.  I architected, built and operated a planet-scale Database Infrastructure for several large internet companies […]

Why I am not able to connect to ClickHouse?

Troubleshooting ClickHouse – Why I am not able to connect to ClickHouse?  Why I am not able to connect with ClickHouse Server? We often this ticket on our support function and the error will be like “Connection reset by peer while reading from socket”. So we have a standard, yet simple approach to troubleshooting ClickHouse […]

How ClickHouse Query Profiler works ?

How does ClickHouse Query Profiler work? The core objective of ClickHouse Query Profiler is to measure the performance metrics of SQLs and understand where the application is spending most of the time, This helps to successfully complete ClickHouse performance audit/diagnostics/forensics by tracing CPU time against wall-clock time including idle time. At ChistaDATA we spend a […]

Connecting to ClickHouse with C++ client libraries

ClickHouse C++ client – Connecting to ClickHouse with C++ client libraries ClickHouse C++ client is a client library for C++ development allowing applications to connect to ClickHouse databases based on the clickhouse-native-client library. The library was originally developed by the ClickHouse core community development teams and we at ChistaDATA maintain the fork for the same […]

ClickHouse Cluster Setup and Configuration

ClickHouse Cluster Setup and Configuration Being a full-stack ClickHouse Optimization Support and Managed Services provider company we often get queries on ClickHouse installation and configuration for both standalone and clustered infrastructure setup. So we decided to write this blog which will help anyone interested in the setup and configuration of ClickHouse. This document is purely […]

ClickHouse Performance Benchmarking – Brown University

Brown University Benchmark on ClickHouse At ChistaDATA, We work for some of the largest ClickHouse installation worldwide and performance is very critical for our customers and ChistaDATA is committed to delivering optimal ClickHouse operations to the clients globally. ChistaDATA provides/publishes ClickHouse Application performance. We publish data of  both hardware and software infrastructure used for benchmarking […]