Best Practices for ClickHouse’s Role Based Access Control

Role-based access control (RBAC) is a method of restricting access to a resource based on the roles of the users within an organization. RBAC can ensure that the users are allowed to access the resource and the information within the scope of their job and nothing more or less. RBAC is based on the roles […]

Connect ChistaDATA DBaaS ClickHouse Cluster with Python

Database as a Service (DBaaS) is a managed service offered by the cloud that allows access to databases without the demand for physical hardware setup, software installation, or database setup. The ChistaDATA DBaaS Platform for ClickHouse is aimed at providing fast, reliable, and functional solutions for users.   In this blog post, we would like […]

Sharding in ClickHouse – Part 1

Image Source – Pexels Sharding is splitting a large table horizontally (row-wise) and storing it in multiple servers. Clickhouse uses distributed table engine for processing the sharded tables. Shards can be internally replicated or non-replicated in ClickHouse. Sharding allows storing huge amounts of data that may otherwise not fit in a single server. We shall look […]

Data Backup and Restore in ClickHouse

Photo by Lenharth Systems on StockSnap Introduction Backup is a way to protect and restore databases. It is a safeguard against unexpected data loss and application errors. Replication protects the databases from hardware or connection failures, but user errors like accidentally deleting a table or deleting a database or software bugs like incorrect data processing […]

ClickHouse on Kubernetes – Part 1 | Running ClickHouse cluster on Minikube

  Kubernetes orchestration simplifies many common operational concerns like scheduling, auto-scaling, and failover. It has support for Persistent Volumes and Persistent Volume Claims ( PV & PVC ). Usually, databases that support replication, sharding, and auto-scaling are well suited for Kubernetes. ClickHouse and Kubernetes can perform better together. At ChistaData, we are interested to write […]

Demystifying JSON Data With ClickHouse

JSON refers to Javascript Object Notation. It is a popular text data format used to exchange data on modern web and mobile applications. It is based on a subset of the Javascript programming language. It is used to store random data in log files or NoSQL. It also enables us to integrate NoSQL and related […]


This article will introduce the new features defined in the new version of ClickHouse, version 22.5. You can reach to the new ClickHouse release here. ClickHouse has added new features to group by modifiers such as WITH TOTALS, WITH ROLLUP, WITH CUBE and GROUPING SETS. GROUP BY modifiers; WITH TOTALS; WITH ROLLUP; WITH CUBE; GROUPING […]

How to Restore/Recover ClickHouse after ZooKeeper Metadata is corrupted/lost?

How to Restore/Recover ClickHouse after ZooKeeper Metadata is corrupted/lost? When you are building a highly available ClickHouse Infrastrstucture for scale and performance we use ZooKeeper for ClickHouse Replication Management and Operations with ReplicatedMergeTree table engine. You can expect ZooKeeper to face data loss (or a very complex corruption scenario) due to either human error or […]

ClickHouse DR Strategies

ClickHouse DR Strategies We at ChistaDATA never recommend Replication Solution as an alternative for Backup or DR. Replication focuses on business continuity, i.e. delivering uninterrupted data infrastructure availability to mission-critical ClickHouse Operations and Backup involves creating a copy or copies of an existing set of data so that in case of a data loss, the […]

Everything ClickHouse with ChistaDATA Inc.

Everything ClickHouse with ChistaDATA Inc. I have been a full-time Open Source Database Systems Performance Engineer for the last two decades with deep interests in Database Systems Internals, Database Systems (Transaction Processing and ColumnStores) Operations Performance Troubleshooting/Optimization and Unix/Linux Performance Tuning.  I architected, built and operated a planet-scale Database Infrastructure for several large internet companies […]